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Message Subject "We suggest heading to South Florida over the next two weeks if you are a fan of above freezing temperatures"
Poster Handle Annie Oakley
Post Content
10 fucking degrees this morning, january weather. In the last week we've gotten 2 five inch snowstorms. 30 degrees lower than normal.
 Quoting: Annie Oakley

I wish there WAS global warming. I'd take that over a mini ice age any day!
 Quoting: Penny Peppers

Oh yeah.

We had no autumn. The leaves mostly didn't have time to color up before the cold came whipping in.

It's still technically autumn for a month and a half yet.

Meridional Jet Stream.

That'll keep the cold going longer into the spring unless it changes.

Thinking of moving south. I hateth the heat but it might be better than 8 months of winter.

I keep telling people we need to be burning more carbon, not less, to kick this can down the road until everybody is prepared for it. Can you imagine the looks I get? LOL
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