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Message Subject "We suggest heading to South Florida over the next two weeks if you are a fan of above freezing temperatures"
Poster Handle CSnow
Post Content
The data isn't perfect but the trend is clear.

Or maybe just keep pretending that this isn't occurring and keep believing those big oil companies. They would never lie would they BAR1
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78060581

Oh, really?

Big oil is somehow more greedy and more unethical than a lot of the liberals/leftists into Spygate, Bidengate, Epsteingate and your Orwellian-1984 leftwing/progressive/Socialist/Communist politics across the pond (assuming your IP UK-address is correct)?

The money-loaded George Sorors of society are so honest, trustworthy, sensible and ethical?

"We came, we saw, you got scammed (cackle, cackle)."

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