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Message Subject "We suggest heading to South Florida over the next two weeks if you are a fan of above freezing temperatures"
Poster Handle CSnow
Post Content
What does any of that have to do with scientific data?!

Have you ever heard of a peer reviewed paper before...

And yes big oil are greedy, unless you're wilfully ignorant to what's been going on over the last 30 years.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78060581

You're greedy too. Aren't you using energy from Big Oil or Big Utilities to run the electricity in your home, or whatever is fueling your connection to the internet? I'll at least assume you don't own a car or ever fly in jet planes.

Next you're going to tell me your leftist biases don't have an affect on you, including how you interpret and gather information.

Your left-leaning feelings are somehow not influencing other leftwing people in, for example, the sciences?

I'll admit my right-leaning biases affect the way I gather and interpret information. But I've not seen conservatives/rightists do nearly as many cunning, dishonest, unethical things as people closer to your side of the political spectrum are always guilty of.

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