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Message Subject Three Essential Firearms For Civil Unrest
Poster Handle Kotlik
Post Content
99.9% of all shootings will involve a handgun.

Nice to have assault rifles, sniper rifles, etc, but in the real world it will be a handgun that will actually protect you. I suggest getting good with one
 Quoting: Malu nli

This is true. The bullets from pistols fly anywhere from 800-1450 feet per second. This is why they can tell which gun it was fired from. (Barrel signature) A rifle round travels 2500-3300 feet per second. (exceptions of course) Due to the speed they cannot be matched to barrel signature. Instead they use caliber and ammunition lot numbers to match up to the shooter with his un-shot ammunition comparison. You folks need to think of this when civil unrest does occur. Make sure you dig your bullets out or change the barrel used if ever investigated. May not matter but better safe than sorry.
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