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Message Subject you know when i got homeless. when i was sober for 4 years
Poster Handle #OneLove XOXO
Post Content
i started drinking when i got homeless

you people who think people get homeless because of drugs or alcohol are morons

most homeless use drugs or alcohol because life as homeless is SHIT
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69642725

not buying it, or your attitude.

The homeless I know spent fortunes on alcohol or drugs before they inevitably lost their jobs.... it was just a slow fuck-you and fully intended.

gives you victim status to be homeless, too! A huge bonus to

 Quoting: beeches

You realize that people lose their jobs all the time through no fault of their own.

People go through hard times that aren't their fault, happens all the time.

An it has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol.

I don't think you've ever had a genuine struggle in your life.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42079668

If you think it is only drugs and alcohol that make people homeless open up Trulia, look at all the foreclosures this month, look at it next month and the month after and the five years before, there is an epidemic of people becoming homeless.

Renting sucks, there are now tons of people on welfare coming to this country as refugees who the landlords are more then happy to kick you out and rent to if you complain about anything, like bugs, or not shoveling, or the AC not working. They are quick to evict you and get one of the foreigners who the government pays for in there, it is not a "renter's market" that is for sure.

Look at this almost 10,000 evictions in Minneapolis and St Paul in just ONE YEAR (this is just for RENTERS) look at TRULIA at all the HOMES in foreclosure. Link [link to www.minnpost.com (secure)]

Who are all these people getting foreclosed on, why don't ANYONE mention this on social media???

Look how fake this whole society is, it is falling apart like dominos, with nothing slowing it down, and people will not even blog about their real financial situation instead make it all painted into a rosey picture.

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