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Message Subject THE SLUDGE REPORT: Here's the REAL REASON why Matt Drudge has become ANTI TRUMP
Poster Handle XeroGravity
Post Content
Why do Alex Jones still support his so much?

You have to wonder if Alex has sold out too and is controlled opposition at this point.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71433052

Alex Jones talks with Drudge frequently, & has addressed this issue a fair amount. Drudge is pissed that Trump is doing little or nothing about censorship & banning, shadowbanning, deplatforming, etc.

I feel exactly the same. My trust level for Trump on Day 1 of his Presidency was 99%. It's now at 1%. I still support what he says, but I see zero action. Words without deeds are just more lies. Drudge & AJ were actively warning this end to free speech was coming. Trump isn't doing his job & protecting us. And he's doing abso-fuckin-lutely zero to combat voter fraud which will be the doomsday act for America in 1 year from now.

When his supporters get persecuted & crucified for supporting him, & he'd rather ignore those supporters & kiss ass on Fox News who are actively working to destroy him, Trump is reaping what he sewed. And I don't give 2 shits about Trump's worthless list of accomplishments. On Inauguration Day Jan 2021, hour 1 of the leftist dictator will see all his "accomplishments" reversed with the stroke of a pen. The left will enslave this nation because Trump decided to tuck tail & surrender on those 2 most crucial issues when we the people needed him to be a President & fight.

That's why Drudge zeroes in on the headlines he does. He has a leftist gun aimed at his head & a do-nothing President who won't help.
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