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Message Subject Sick again, every stinkin November I get the crud! Are vitamins a waste of $$$...?
Poster Handle ThePaleOne
Post Content
How do I keep from getting sick every November?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78084014

Start smoking. One or two cigarettes a day are enough.

All those airborne nasty things jumping from human to human, mostly hate it.
If in doubt consult your local bacon producer why it lasts so long.

Wash hands often, use sanitiser after touching surfaces touched by a lot of people (door handles, McD touch screens..)

Do not touch your face with your hands. Never unless your hands are clean after having contact with said surfaces or any contact with people. That is an advice I got from a doctor ... and it works.

Contrary to "be a clean person" I also advice getting your hands dirty with garden work, earth, soil ... under every acre of good soil there is the weight of 2 cows worth of microorganisms .. so your immune system gets shit to do all the time and does not get lazy.

Keep home and car cool in winter, feeling a bit cold all the time turns on the bodies engine to keep the body and extremities warm, the higher the revs the more shit gets done.

Also saves heating costs. Yes you will feel a little bit shitty trough the day that is why:

The only place you want warm is your bed, an electrical blanket (or water bed) in my case in a cold room with fresh cold air ... best sleep you will ever get.

Good sleep = good immune system.

I also recommend getting a real daylight-lamp for those dark winter days and use it.

Avoid people, crowds as far as possible.
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