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Message Subject Horse Racing Is Animal Abuse - Las Vegas Sun
Poster Handle #OneLove XOXO
Post Content
Horse Racing Is Animal Abuse - Las Vegas Sun

The people are standing up against horse racings...

Daily I see letters to the editors being the voice for the voiceless.

Horse Racing has run it's course...XOXO

[link to m.lasvegassun.com (secure)]


THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS!!!Much love and respect!!! #WeAreTheChane #TogetherWeCanDoGreatThings #OneLove <3 _/\_


glp could do it's part by getting rid of the animal abuse icon whipping the horse on the front page...

This one..

deadhorse #Moderators
 Quoting: #OneLove XOXO 78117970

Please #CheckThePriceAndPayAttention

To the REAL cost of giving $7 billion in public tax payer WELFARE dollars to the horse racing industry...

please follow this thred for a solution on using those $7 billion to build tiny homes for EVERY SINGLE HOMELESS PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY and having enough left over to house people when hurricanes come temporarily instead of fishing them out after they start drowning. Be proactive not reactive...

#EndHorseRacing and #EndHomelessness.

Link Thread: you know when i got homeless. when i was sober for 4 years

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