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Message Subject Horse Racing Is Animal Abuse - Las Vegas Sun
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wait until people realise that most of these climate change animal activist new age preaching books also say that riding horses in general is animal abuse
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18233550

That's my point. They are so blinded by their own need to be a do-gooder that they are blind to the evil they inflict.

I love horses. I want MORE of them in society. I want wild mustangs to be saved.

These people want them regulated into extinction. I don't have a problem with humane reforms - but this 'ban horse racing' garbage would be devastating to the future of the thoroughbred.

A race horse generally lives a far better life than a cow IMO but to obsess over horse deaths and not cows seems dumb to me. I think these people realize they look like idiots trying to shut down the cattle industry, but they think they can spin horse racing into something so awful people will rally behind banning it because there is a smaller base of support and people tend to like horses better than cows (except at dinner time).

If they were successful at banning animal consumption and ownership, they would pat themselves on the back and tell themselves how stunning and brave they are while billions of people starved to death around them.
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