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Message Subject The German Soldier of WWII: history's most formidable fighting force
Poster Handle Educated Redneck
Post Content
Hitler didn't start WWII. Poland started it by poking Hitler in the eye over the issue of Danzig, a 98% German city. The only reason the Poles felt so confident poking Hitler in the eye, was because Britain gave the Poles a worthless war guarantee, one which Britain had no intention of honoring. Also, please read Hitler's declaration of war on the United States. It makes it clear who started WWII. It wasn't Germany.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19812288

Sorry my ignorant friend, but throughout 1939 Hitler made demands for Polish territory. Poland refused and on September 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland starting WWII in Europe. Goebbels propaganda blamed Poles claiming the German army invaded to protect ethnic Germans... but nobody believed that stupid shit. The world knew Hitler had promised no more territorial demands in Europe when given the Sudetenland and then wanted more and more. WWII was a war of aggression as Germany invaded democratic nation after democratic nation in Europe.

And like most who have studied history I have read Hitler's declaration of war on the United States. Pretty stupid as at that point the Wehrmacht had just been defeated at the Battle of Moscow. Germany's agreement with Japan was that Germany would aid Japan if it was attacked. So when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor Germany was not obligated to declare war on the United States. That was one of Hitler's many major blunders.... but then again no one ever said Adolf Hitler was smart.

Why are you believing Joseph Goebbels 75 year old propaganda as fact?
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