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Message Subject Consuming porn makes men lifeless, unmotivated, and docile
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the world has always been ruled by dynasties, every civilization has had dynastic social order.

a dynasty is people who are thinking about their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, they got a good life and love life and are thinking of perpetuating the good life as far into future as they can.

what makes you believe life is good, is when you have mastered the art of reality and the universe yields to you, you can imagine a plan of action and carry it out, you can imagine so much to do that you can provide things to do for others, give them work if they need something to do for money, to be part of larger social order.

it's all about physical health of the brain vascular system, organs, everytime you jerk off it is taking something from every part of your body, hard to explain or define what but it definitely does

the tragedy is that life is infinitely precious, infinitely mysterious and wonderous and sex is immortality, your love of life being vicariously expended.

vicarious enjoyment is for the dead, who watch the living. while you are in the flesh, you must be interesting or the spirits ignore you
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