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Message Subject Consuming porn makes men lifeless, unmotivated, and docile
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It is too late. The pathways are hardwired, the only way forward is to seek constantly more violent and demented porn in order to keep that dopamine trickling. Attention spans are so short now that TikTok videos are too long. News stories about home invasions where children's heads are being sawed off are barely interesting enough to bother clicking on.

Modern women aren't worth changing for regardless, they are so fickle and disloyal that it is financial suicide to even let them know where you live. Kicking in a street prostitute's ribs while you spit onto her open sore covered face barely results in a twitch even after snorting three fat rails of sildafenil and smoking a fat shard of crystal meth.

We've come a long ways from getting a stiffy by leafing through the bra section of a Sears catalog. Heil Baphomet, the Golden Dawn of the Transpocalypse awaits.
 Quoting: kaibosh

The dark occult Satanic pedophiles (elites) have worked with Hollywood to debase our society and weaken straight males.
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