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What made Virginia think that Mecklenburg prison was escape proof

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United States
11/10/2019 01:34 PM
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What made Virginia think that Mecklenburg prison was escape proof
These are some facts about the original Mecklenburg prison in Virginia as it was originally built in the early 1970s.

1. All one building, divided into sections by common locking prison doors of the era.

Plain old prison cells, plain old prison cell doors of the era.

No better perimeter security than any ordinary prison of the era.

No interlocking sallyport device that prevents both gates from being open at the same time.

2. No more surveillance equipment than any prison of the era...
This means a low concentration of surveillance cameras.

3. Poorly paid staff and therefore low staff morale, and highly greedy and therefore a highly corruptible staff.

4. Escape proofing, gave us prisons like Guantanamo and ADX Florence.
That's the closest thing that we have, to being Escape proof.

That's where the totality of the many different skills, like Architecture, Construction, Computer programming, Security service consulting, policing..
All leads....
At this point in time.

So in what way was Mecklenburg escape proof..
When it was fatally flawed.