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Message Subject OUCH! College Professor Pens Scathing & Brilliant ‘Open Letter’ To Climate Activist Greta Thunberg
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Cite: [link to phys.org (secure)]

Limited extract - QUOTE:

Using new dating technology, the scientists found these deposition patterns corresponded with changes in Earth's orbit over tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years, known as Milankovitch astronomical cycles.

These cycles refer to changes in the shape of Earth's orbit and variations in the tilt of its rotation that may have led to warmer, wetter conditions for periods from 299 million to 252 million years ago, when the sphalerite formed, the scientists said.

"What we are doing is marrying geochemical research on ores with what we know about astronomical cycles from very different research," said Hubert Barnes, distinguished professor emeritus at Penn State. "No one has ever made an attempt at this before."


The writer should have asked the next level question, and that is: Where are we at presently in the Milankovitch cycle, and what does your conclusion portend for the near future and next decades?
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