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Message Subject OUCH! College Professor Pens Scathing & Brilliant ‘Open Letter’ To Climate Activist Greta Thunberg
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As one that has read the works of William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, I have to ask, "why don't you climate people embrace 'Sleep' first?"

Not ONE green spokesperson lives by the rules they'd impose upon the rest of us. Come on Greta, strip down to the nuggie, renounce all things modern and live in a field eating only that which falls off plans (we wouldn't want to harm a plant would we?). Oh wait, you'd die come the first winter from exposure and privation.

As was pointed out in notes above this one, the more co2 you have in the air (1992 Beakman told me that co2 was only 0.003% of the air we breath and, that is still true today), the more green you get, the more o2 you get and the less co2 you have ... it's a vicious circle. You know why there is so much coal, co2 fed green things witch captured the c and released the 02 .. hint, coal is mostly carbon ... taken from the air ... almost like Ghod had a grand plan in mind .... and I'm a fucking athirst (okay, maybe not a fucking cause the pecker is on the fritz).

Embrace sleep all you green peeps; Greta, you and AOC can go nuggie in the weeds together, along with all the other fool demo-crats. Come the first winter, rationally will return to the world
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