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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Iceberg = Ice Rock
Greta = Pearl
Thun = Swiss town, swiss lake, penis, tail, law

Time for more swiss cover ups which will uphold the swiss law of silence, the you cant throw your pearls before swine so toss them more climate change make believe bullcrap

Prince Harry receives support from Prince Albert of Monaco: ‘Do what you have to do to ensure your privacy’

He adds however that it wasn't a lengthy conversation on the topic, with the pair mainly chatting about environment-related issues and of course, the rugby, "but I sympathised with him saying, 'Just do what you have to do to ensure your privacy.'"

Greta Thunberg to sail across the Atlantic on Malizia II to continue climate campaign in the Americas


Trump Evil Casino Owner/Albert Good Casino Owner
Jokers Goons vs Penguins Thugs

Malizia symbolises the Grimaldi family’s deep attachment to the sea in this tribute to Francesco Grimaldi, a Genovese who arrived by sea in 1297 and founded the Grimaldi family dynasty. He was nicknamed La Malizia in the Monegasque language, meaning “the wily one”. For the Monegasque skipper the name has a special meaning: “Given what Malizia represents for us in the Principality of Monaco, I’ve always wanted to give this name to a race boat.”

Willy = Thun = Penis = Rock

Matthew 7:24
Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.

Green party, Osiris, Money Man, Mono Eye Man

Build your house on the peter willy, oh no its the evil jays, fine Adam Green.
Adam = Red
Adam Green = Hybrid Oxymoron

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