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Crazy Jacob Rothschild story involved with me

User ID: 72614869
United States
11/17/2019 11:05 AM
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Crazy Jacob Rothschild story involved with me
Let me tell you how much of an asshole Jacob Rothschild is, one of the heads of the planet Earth Illuminati. The guy was fully involved with having my death faked in a auto accident with a clone of me and me being sent to the Yaldabaoth (Archon) Universe in a Simulation Virtual Reality to live out the rest of my days to not figure out why the public were so annoying and negative, so I write on the internet on a blog website how he is a child killer, how he's involved with chem trails with aluminum we breathe in and fluoride in our water and how we should give him a nice death called lethal injection for being such an asshole, so than the Jacob Rothschild guy Manchurian Canidates me, basically kidnaps me to other Dimensions or Universes sometimes micro size, usually in Sim Virtual Reality and brain washes the shit out of me that I am trapped in a time warp and how I am the Anti Christ blah blah blah and Jacob Rothschild mostly and some of his family start to put money bounties on my head to hide me and torture when I go out in the public so I cannot be around my real life true family, friends, pets or the public and blocks my internet from anyone real or decent hearing me really from my home Universe Aurora Universe Number One. The guys an asshole who doesn't understand how responsible he is for ruining my life and others lifes completely. He wants to fucking send me to zero gravity space when I die for money. You give Jewish people a bad name you goddam asshole, lower your ego and stop being so impulsive. How can you prove or know the Men in Black, United States Government or Dark Extra Terrestrials didn't use mind control or hypnosis or inducing my consciousness to write that blog about you Jacob Rothschild and Rothschild family I say once again, sorry to you all and you try being a 3rd Dimensional Human on planet Earth, please stop putting money bounties on my head permanently or forever. Jesus Christ