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Message Subject Trump must pardon Stone AND explain to the american people it was a kangaroo court and name Judge Berman SPECIFICALLY
Poster Handle ~kpm~
Post Content
After the election.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76440094


Would be foolish to do it before the election
 Quoting: ~kpm~

Listen to Scott Adams from yesterday. Explains perfectly why that is a LOSER strategy. BTW...what in the cuckfuck would you be scared of happening if done NOW??
Waiting a year from now sends THE WRONG MESSAGE and says "yes he did commit a crime, but he has served a year in prison and got butt raped and all, but now I am pardoning him out of grace." FUCK!!THAT!!
That brings NO attention to the soviet kangaroo court!!! It must be done now!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 47525540

I’m not scared of anything other than the election

The demoncraps will stop at nothing to smear him

I think his base is solid, it’s the other votes we need to sway to our side

Let’s get through the impeachment farce, see what position the Dems are in

Trump has a very keen sense of timing, and I trust that he has his reasons

Can you link up the Scott Adams video so I can listen to it?


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