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Message Subject Trump must pardon Stone AND explain to the american people it was a kangaroo court and name Judge Berman SPECIFICALLY
Poster Handle Mr_Smith
Post Content
Before Christmas.
If Stone is not pardoned before 2020 I am done with Trump.
Justice delayed is justice DENIED.
Anyone saying Trump must wait to pardon him till after elections is a fucking CUCK.

The REASON for the pardon being explained directly from Trump to the american people is more important than the pardon itself. It was FACTUALLY rigged, judge and jurors both, and the facts can be presented proving that.

It is a win-win for Trump to pardon Stone NOW.

If he does not, he is a LOSER.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 47525540

NO, his AG's grand jury needs to bring indictments to all the conspirators, they need to be found guilty and then sent to jail.

Then and ONLY then does he have grounds to proclaim a kanagroo court and pardon Stone.
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