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Message Subject Trump must pardon Stone AND explain to the american people it was a kangaroo court and name Judge Berman SPECIFICALLY
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
After the election.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76440094


The natives are restless.

Wall....zero new miles built.

Arrests of obvious criminality....zero

QAnon....piles of BS

:Still waiting fo:
 Quoting: Crypto-Tard

Get fucked.

So easily you forget.

Just three years ago, the Magic Muslim was lecturing us for being white, Christian, gun owners, and conservatives while (as we now know in spades) selling the America out to the Chinese, Paki, Iranians, and globalist for fire sale prices.

Trump generals told newly elected Trump the military didn't have ammunition.

I don't need skepticism about Trump, what I need is a president not lecturing me on being white and Christian, and loving America.

Yeah, ass wipe fucks like who couldn't run a fucking hot dog stand think taking on the greatest embedded Power that ever was could have been handled in two weeks with plenty of time to drink beer.

Its was never that easy. And it still ain't fucking over.
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