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Message Subject "QAnon and the Emergence of the Unreal" ( Harvard / MIT ) The power of QAnon is not in its factual evidence, but in participants' despe
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 Quoting: tahoe21

Leave one star here too.
It proves my point that not one of them believe their own shit, yet expect us to buy it.
Thread: A GUIDE: The story of how I beat QANON at his own game. So every Q ANON fairy tale believer on GLP right now, failed? White flagged
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78175086

Your prior post supports what I said. People don't (but should) think for themselves. Btw i don't star or use karma. Someone else...
 Quoting: tahoe21

They are lazy fucking hypocrites.
Boomer whine about millennials, and millennials cry about boomers, yet they are both lazy, entitled, hypocrites.

Boomers claim to be patriots, but threaten their social security
Millennials claim to be independent, yet expect high paying jobs.

Boomers whine about censorship on Twitter and Facebook, yet demand censorship here with thread reports.

"Think for yourself" takes too much work. They are not capable. Plain and simple. All the great old-timers left GLP or aged out of life.
What we are stuck with is now the concentrate at the bottom of a cesspool
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78175086

Fuck off. If you want to talk UFO, talk UFO.

If people aren't interested, may be you are just fucking boring.
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