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Message Subject Q ANON says "THINK FOR YOURSELF", yet when I do and see it is all Q-Bullshit, members here get all butthurt.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78175086

I created this poll, because like many others here, I actually take great offense to these Q shit posts. People who peddle Q are doing a great disservice to the American public, by attempting to keep them filled with false confidence. Spreading these bullshit lies isn't lighting a fire under the average Joe's feet. Instead, they are dangling a perpetual carrot in front of Americans and telling people "shoon" for years to come. It's quite obvious. It's keeping people docile, which is precisely why Q was created. The bottom line is that all of the Q predictions and messages are vague to the point where a large number of happenings or events can be applied to them. It's very elementary deception tactics. The good news is judging from the poll above, it seems that the Q following is dwindling rather quickly.
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