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Message Subject Q ANON says "THINK FOR YOURSELF", yet when I do and see it is all Q-Bullshit, members here get all butthurt.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Am gonna' ask same questions here in this thread like the other pinned poll thread.

WTF does it even matter about this whole Q gig given the fantastic results we've been witness to?!

What a lot of you folks don't get is that before there was ever a Q gig, there have been and still are legions of Truthers who've worked on shining light on bullshit BEFORE there ever was a home computer.

So what if Q is a psyop?! Me personally, I'm LOVING the whole demolition of centuries old House of Cards.
 Quoting: Deplorable Zenobia

What has been demolished? Nothing only in your Qtard quatrain delusions.

I’m fact W promotes just the opposite. Trust the Plan. Trust Sessions. Tick Tock.

It’s year three and nada.
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