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Message Subject Q ANON says "THINK FOR YOURSELF", yet when I do and see it is all Q-Bullshit, members here get all butthurt.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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This thread sort of proves that those that hate on Q are more invested than those that don't.

Why would that be?
 Quoting: Darkside Cookies

Because they aren't just Trusting the plan. Some mostly common easy to find knowledge packaged in poems don't excite me. His dates and actual arrest prediction have been shit. Msnbc is doing reports. Giving credibility and free advertising.

I guess some that had zero idea of what has been going on learned a bit. I will admit that. But I am still not buying it. It smells of tarp. I think research time could be spent elsewhere. Not that the Q tards heart isn't in the right place. I know we all want the same thing. Who am I to judge who you want to follow. Better than the Liberals. The main fact is.


Usually you find about 10% truth with 90% bullshit. Truth never gets spooned fed in such a neat package so easily. Not these days. The dis info is strong at this point in time.
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