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Message Subject Q ANON says "THINK FOR YOURSELF", yet when I do and see it is all Q-Bullshit, members here get all butthurt.
Poster Handle boutreality
Post Content
(Yes this has everything to do with Q):

It gets too easily dismissed, but the dispersion of Nazi intelligence at the close of WW2 to form the Soviet Intelligence desk of the CIA, and the US intelligence desk of the KGB, gave Post ww2 Nazism complete control throughout the cold war.

For the duration of the cold war the foreign and domestic policies of both countries were informed by the intelligence service according to what the "enemy" was doing, and mass shifts in global corporate power were managed, positioning the current global corporate feudalist apparatus.

Trump has been Russian indebted since the 80s

The Clintons are in bed with Russian corporate interests, and these sorts of alignments happen BECAUSE of intel OPs PERIOD, Q is a part of that process.

Russia is a monster in terms of computer/web warfare. Q is a tech-based presence; it is servers, VPNs and AI aggregated topics used to inform, nurture and control the narrative of any topic that may threaten US-RUSSIA dominated markets. (That's why it's a "treasure trove" of documents- it establishes its position in nearly the universal sense; in any direction, -the guppies feed on loads of flakes, get fat, and pretend they're "in on" a fast paced world of espionage and intrigue.)

Q is a means to foster controlled opposition into subconsciously admitted impotence (it's a PSYOP) whose message is: "Look no further, the opposition is real, all you can know about it is what Q says", and its meant to engage until quarterly reports no longer prove its fiscal and political value. -It serves avaluable role in the Nazi-corporate feudalist paradigm of global rule.

--When it comes right down to it, Nazism is nothing more than security for global corporate feudalism -EU was one stage accomplished- concealing within its ranks worshipers of direct evil, whose "acts of praise" are embodied in their ability to cause mass death.

If anyone's interested, that line of thought can be followed here, in OP under bold "INTRODUCTION"
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