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Stop enabling basic bitches to breed

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 73848670
11/18/2019 08:17 AM
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Stop enabling basic bitches to breed
In case you haven't noticed, since the 1970's and especially since the late 90's something has been happening to women in general. Now I acknowledge women in the 1950's began to become very...basic. Materialism is just sugar coated satanism after all. Better living through chemistry. Was is the perfumes and cosmetics maybe? I wonder. Either way, middle age women and younger really aren't so fun to be around anymore. I say this as a female.

Now just so you understand, I am not a beauty queen. I am not ugly either, but my face is not in a magazine. However if I took off my clothing and posed for a glamour shot, most males would find me very fappable and women would compliment me on looking good for my age. ltana

I like a lot of women out there, some of them aren't so basic but they usually cannot afford to be/ They are invariably competitive and jealous of something, its always something! There are a few exceptions, bless them.

BASIC women are boring. They don't have the depth I find in male friends. They literally NEVER have the brains. What gets me is when you have brains they get either jealous or "turned off" and they never want to talk about anything real. They do this eyeball roll if you are talking about anything in life that is serious or matters. They always ignore the suffering of others and they mask the suffering of their own children.

And this is the crux of it. The children being raised by these women are turning out to be highly narcissistic OR they are withdrawn and turning into a "joker" or someone who is very dysfunctional, like an extreme SJW. Now they are transing children, just look at celeb basic bitches, and more. Its scary actually, and the instagram reality they live in is utterly devoid of real heart.

STOP feeding these women. Stop giving them money for anything even if you have to go elsewhere for a product or service. Stop dating them, or make them pay their own way. They are the inversion and false goddess and they are the scourge.