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Medical Info Release, Waiver Forms, etc...Private???

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United States
11/20/2019 04:57 PM
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Medical Info Release, Waiver Forms, etc...Private???
Having heard various comments on Medical Release Forms on Patient Information / Documentation...; also, having read the "Fine Print" on said forms...it allows Gov't Agencies ACCESS to such Patient Information [given 'proper' circumstances]...

Is this a Violation of Patient Confidentiality, and could any / all Gov't Agencies access our information without any crime-related investigations?

I asked a case-worker / counselor about this and they said that they've never witnessed such a thing in all their career, not having been subpoenaed, blah blah blah, but I mentioned that, everything is computerized and that; well...they could gain access via someone higher up in the clinic's bureaucratic ladder...to gain access to such documents...having replied, "they would have to subpoena me, since its was originally my documentation...".

Well, to say the least, I felt that she probably hasn't given this a lot of thought, because a lot of us here on GLP are completely aware of Deep-States and Shadow Gov't, etc...I am sure they could gain access without ANY permissions what-so-ever, if need be?!?

Comments, anyone.


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