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Message Subject Just incredible! seeing is believing, they say your eyes are the window to your soul, so what does this mans eyes say about him?
Poster Handle WhiteCosmicWizard
Post Content
hmmm when i first saw it i thought "holy shit" but after taking another look i think its just the light reflecting off his eyes because he looks up into the light when it happens.

Although the theory is that the eyes are the first thing to change when they get angry, and you could tell he was somewhat angry with what bill said, you could see him swallow and eyebrows flare. He also doesn't smile once, couldn't see any teeth, and he has very unsually large ears. I don't understand why you'd elect someone who is basically emotionless, or why you'd keep re-electing the bush family.

Another thing i don't understand with the whole reptilian fairytale is if they had the ability to shapeshift and star travel, access to all the top secret military stuff and what not, surely they could enslave us without this sort of manipulation and deception? why not just turn into a big lizard and say "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!"
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