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Message Subject Watch live, TESLA unveils new Cyber Pickup Truck!
Poster Handle Lance Roseman From BC
Post Content
Regular pick up breaks down up the mountain (yes we off road here). Open the hood check a few bunch of things. Didn't work. Get on the phone with your buddy. Check a few more things. Doesn't start. Call another buddy who comes with beers and we all work it out. Truck starts and you go home.

Electric pick up stops working up the mountain? Roll it into the ditch and do an insurance claim saying you swerved to avoid an elk because no amount of jawing, kicking, pulling on things and beers will solve the problem.

I'll take the first one please.
 Quoting: Lance Roseman From BC

Fewer components on an electric
Easier diagnosis
A least for someone not wearing flannel & a Pabst stain
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78188552

Sure, and it is broken. Up the mountain. The tow is $280.00 because it is a logging road and they charge more for special insurance that they need to go up the mountain. So instead a 12 pack and a bunch of dudes kicking tires and drinking beers and getting the smallest to go under and tap the starter with a rock, we pay $280.00, walk home in many cases for miles or take cabs which would tack on another few hundred.

EV's are for urbanites. Period. Idiotic, send us Pabst stained, chainsaw wielding rednecks all your old clunkers and we can watch what happens in 3 days when the urbanites are without power. As happens here, we get big winter storms so to go to the store we get the best truck, chuck in our collective chainsaw gas collections and send off the best driver.

Diagnosis means NOTHING, it is the fixing it up the mountain by yourself with friends that means something you stupid, puny, little fucking prick. Condescending asshole who thinks a high waterslide at an amusement park is a mountain.
Ask ANYONE who off roads and the concensus will be 'we want LESS electronics in our trucks'. Most people around here, you know, the ones that work, drive older model trucks where...gasp, ypu have to roll down the window and keep it in shape yourself or with the help of a buddy.

But you, poor peon, in the thrall and grasp of the Greens, likes your pretty truck, you probably have a kind of beard that mine has a paternity suit out on and a man bun. And you can not even begin to explain to this poor redneck, beer swilling hillbilly what the ROEI in lithium, compared to the lifespan of the battery and the cost of replacement and recycling is can you?

Probably not so shut the fuck up and let adults discuss this over beers. Moran.
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