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Message Subject Megathrust Earthquake Warning - ETS Quakes Happening When They Shoulden't, Cascadia earthquake
Poster Handle Annie Oakley
Post Content
little to close to home for my liking
 Quoting: KLOWN

Can you take precautions? Like go camping until it stops?
 Quoting: Annie Oakley

i would love to go camping but where is the better place to be in the bush or at home

i am pretty much in the zone where all the red is and have noticed some weird rumbling noises

last time i heard the same kinda rumbling noises there was a decent quake off the north west tip of the island

it is kinda funny because last night i heard them an was like dam that was just like when that quake happened but not as loud

then i see the vid you posted .....was like hmmm makes sense now
 Quoting: KLOWN

Go camping where it won't affect you!

Otherwise get good with the possibility of an early death. As a flatlander I don't know if the ground will spring up 66 ft or down 66 ft but either way you'll be swatted like a fly, and then the tsunami comes.


I'm not trying to scare you. If it were me I'd be packing my car already. Not just words either, I lived in the pyroclastic flow zone of Yellowstone and came back across the mississippi when things got wonky and I saw the USBS was lying.
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