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Message Subject Megathrust Earthquake Warning - ETS Quakes Happening When They Shoulden't, Cascadia earthquake
Poster Handle KLOWN
Post Content
I have to say, while she's not exactly "wrong," what she's saying is a bit disingenuous.

There are SEVERAL slow slip events which take place around Cascadia. The event that she's pointing out doesn't necessarily have a 15 month period - it can be anywhere from AROUND seven to AROUND fifteen months. Furthermore, the regular Puget Sound event, which is another of the slow-slip regulars, has a reguar'ish 22 month period, or thereabout.

I'm not saying that this isn't noteworthy... in fact, it was interesting, over the last several days my sleep has been for crap and I've imagined I "felt" a low rumble numerous times, not knowing that this was happening. Interesting stuff, and fairly well explained, but I find the warning / doom lean on this is a bit heavy-handed.

It'll come when it comes... who knows, I may have to take a boat to Port Alberni rather than a car soon.


cheers Klown!

 Quoting: MountainTux NLI

if you have to take a boat to port alberni PLEASE pick me up on the way lol

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