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Message Subject Megathrust Earthquake Warning - ETS Quakes Happening When They Shoulden't, Cascadia earthquake
Poster Handle MountainTux NLI
Post Content
I would also like to know where she's getting her data, as I cannot find these hundreds of EQ's she's showing, not USGS, Canadian maps, PNSN, nowhere are we seeing the volume that she's showing for the last week or more.

This is why I question her vids... this is not the first time I've looked at her info, the time stamps, etc, and yet you can't duplicate her results, find what she's showing, etc.

Just a bit odd. The thing that I find funny is that I didn't initially doubt it, based on how we've felt here the last few days, however the only evidence of what she says is what she's showing, and I can't duplicate that info from ANY source. Strange.

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