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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
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The heavenly domain is where the surface of the waters of the universal ocean meet the atmosphere of the world in ancient Egyptian geography of the sky.
Two places in the sky that were really popular recalled ‘field of offerings’ in ‘field of reeds’ later by the Greeks was the Elysian fields which is the Greek rendering of the Egyptian word for reeds. Both was associated with the northern rim of the sky in the domain of the circumpolar stars which the Egyptians called the imperishable because they never set. These fields were thought to lie on the edge of the celestial ocean similar to the marshes that line the banks of the ancient Nile. As everyone knows that is where life is hidden within bodies of water.

Egyptians tracked the harbingers of the change of seasons one being called the sharp one, sopdet, Sirius. It’s reappearance in the morning sky after an absence of some 70 days coincided with the beginning of the yearly inundation of the Nile.

Ursa Major was very important and perceived as the leg and hunch of a bull and Orion identified as the god Osiris and seen as a man holding a staff Egyptians divided the night and day and 12 hours each the division produced over 24 hour day although an ancient Egypt the hours buried in length like durations of the day and night over the year I’m toward the end Egypt produced the first zodiac.

-Ancient Egypt David Silverman
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