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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Teaching fires sun topic:

Apache coyote teaching is to build two fires with exact same materials. One empowered. One not. I see where Egyptian observation of creation comes in.

They burn both in two totally different ways.

-Empowered with appreciation and honor from taking from future generations it burned bright, less smoke, flame unified, and end with collapse in on itself.
-random fire does none of these things. Haphazard, rising in separate groups, much smoke, and collapses to the side loosing cohesion.

Empowered is spiritual side or nonmaterial. Tests or preparation is monitors transfiguration. Be it empowered for cooking, for heat, for utility, etc.

Known demonstration shows the strength of relationship between people and how fire responds in return. The unique identified purpose goes all the way back to giving thanks.

A coyote may refuse to give rise to interest and then point in the wrong direction to perfect ones form so as not to befall on bad habits.

Big fire in the sky, the sun, is similar to fires on earth. Perspective and control emerge similarities in the powers of fire.

-Tom Brown jr info
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