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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Manifestations of the sun

Re Sun Physical manifestation of sun god
Eye of Re is goddess depicted form

Khephri Sun at dawn Scarab beetle

Atum Sun at sunset Sun as culmination of creation

Horus The far one Sun as ruler of creation

Aten visible disc of the sun As the medium through which the suns light comes into the world

Amun Re sun as manifestation of Amun who is the first and greatest of all the gods Crowned with two tall plumes
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77885246

The daily solar cycle mimicked not only the power of new life through sun in the duat through the union with mummified body within the dangers associated in gigantic serpent represent of Apep to the amduat with the sun calling out to their souls and their souls calling out to the sun. And then parting through the mother to the sky showing triumph of life over death. Shows the creation technique through storytelling of macro kind representing the micro.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77885246

Everyone now knows awareness of Lilith and the lotus reasoning for in story
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78163102

The solar cycle also has the night boat travel Where the sun sails in the Duat to be reborn again in the morning.
Underground lightning
The daytime journey was serene in progress throughout the sky when observed but the trip to the Duat could only be imagined.
This is where tunnel vision and wide angle vision comes in

Some of the earliest concepts are in the earliest religious texts like the amduat.
The Egyptian saw this like the night at self with uncertainty and danger.
The personified form was a giant serpent called Apep in the Duat. It inhabited the entire length of the netherworld and sought to impede the suns journey at the gates marking the entrance to each of the nights 12 hours. As a sun passed within each region, his light awoke the inhabitants of the Duat. In the middle of the night at the deepest part of the duat the sun came up on the mummified body of the god Osiris, the power of life and rebirth, at this point in the journey the two gods become one, the sun at rest in Osiris Osiris at rest in the sun, through this union the sun received the power of new life and Osiris was reborn in the sun given new life in the arms of his father osiris the sun could then proceeded through the remainder of the night toward rebirth at dawn.
When the sun left the Duat, he did not sail immediately above the visible horizon but into a space line between the Duat and the sky the Egyptians call this region akhet, which means the place of becoming effective.
This is the place for the sky Starts to grow light sometime before the sun actually appears the moon does similar and then he is on course toward the world to be born and a parent and then he produces himself above parting thighs of his mother Nut he goes away to the sky. -Silverman

Remember effective is word for magic
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78163102

Lightning tree of life immaculate conception is suns journey through amduat
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