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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Dan winter
All say similar for spine wand kundalini

There is a difference in rods as known in caduceus languages and mortal lineages with immortal lineages
Sickle and coiling not in plasma(material) dimensions
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78163102

The problem is the many ways from many beliefs kundalini exhibit the lovers state:
Group to clans to family
And on

Each are boundary oriented and that is the problem when boundaries don’t exist or are penetrated within the limitations of All Mind societies.
As everyone knows shelter is first line of defense of a survivalist within the tools of the creator.
The body is our primary shelter and first line of protection from the elements. Through our body and our senses we receive a constant flow of communication and information from the environment. Many forget that in today’s societies.

Being primitive and backwards is the garment topic of gospel of Mary that Europeans to western culture do not embrace their surroundings moving with the cycles of the seasons. Instead, shelter by clothes, commodities, technologies in a world of iron and steel.

Indigenous peoples were closer to golden age type of lifestyle by exposure of skin within flint and obsidian lifestyle. Exposed areas were for feel and interaction with all around them. The skin could feel subtle changes.

Indians could smell Europeans as a result of their way of life from long distance away. They rarely bathed and clothed themselves in much garments. Wrath especially. Laughing out loud.

Purified was indigenous way to de-scent themselves
Clever inanna lol

Drastic not from earth square is matter evil
Drastic not from earth circle is natural

Not utilizing ones body to feel what is going on around us is not protecting oneself.
The visceral response of gut instinct is a tool for self reflection(if developed), warning system of oncoming danger, and place of communication with everything around us which something brain minds don’t like to hear.

-Tom Brown influence information
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