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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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"Twenty-five years ago, during my Ph.D. qualifying exam at Berkeley, one professor asked me 'Why can you hear my voice across this table?' I answered that, 'It is because your sound travels by vibrating molecules in the air.' He further asked, 'What if we suck all air molecules out of this room? Can you still hear me?' I said, 'No, because there is no medium to vibrate,'" Zhang said. "Today, what we discovered is a surprising new mode of heat conduction across a vacuum without a medium, which is achieved by the intriguing quantum vacuum fluctuations. So, I was wrong in my 1994 exam. Now, you can shout through a vacuum."
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[link to phys.org (secure)]
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Still on Jesus topic
Building temple and its destruction and rebuild

Shelter is numero uno to a survivalist
Posted earlier our naga and body

A squirrels house is built to keep its shape. Upon discovery of close inspection one can see the latticework woven to hold the leaves in and from blowing away. Narrow is the entrance way and layer upon layer insulates the ball shaped nest.

One can choose to accept getting wet inside their shelter every time it rains. Or one cannot. Excitement or shame depends on knowing better and doing better. Accepting reality each time experience is based on observation.

Who lets their bed get wet every time it rains does not accept the wisdom of anyone else but themselves.

What is meek?

Hubris is thinking one can improve on the wisdom of the squirrels.
Squirrels know exactly what dead air space is. It is the key to warmth.

Shelter comes from the natural world and it working together coherently

One can operate on choice as humans do and survive in acceptance of their own folly wisdom or one can operate on instinct and thrive like the plants and animals do.
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Potent radiating squirrels
Johnnys always prepared lol
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