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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Wf sent this and I think it fits with qualia and empathy

[link to www.chakrashack.com]

The 2nd Chakra is the center of emotions, sensuality, sexuality, pleasure and creativity. This Chakra helps with our body awareness and aids us in our sense of strength and grounding into the physical body. The Sacral Chakra works on an instinctive level – it activates our sexual desire, warns us of danger (along with the other two “lower” Chakras – the 1st and 3rd) and gives us access to our emotional intuition.

The psychic ability of Clairsentience can be developed by working with the 2nd Chakra. This enables us to sense the feelings, motivations and attachments of others, and also helps us to put ourselves in somebody else’s “emotional shoes”. The energy perception here is an emotional one – we primarily get sensory information through our feelings (you must be familiar with the term “gut instinct”). We can also experience Clairsentience by sensing colors and pictures.

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