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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Insects know a lot about blind spots. Science calls it ether and says it has elastic properties. Interestingly, iron interferes with the magnetic property and many old buildings have iron nails and iron in red brick.

This is going to go with the wind topic of velocity because many scientists believe the ether to be fixed and what moves within it to be a fixed velocity. But this is based on the sun being fixed and the planets moving around it. Some say the sun is helical moving through the universe with orbiting planets with them. I don't think either of those are correct, but will see, lol
 Quoting: Fancypantz

Wind and dome
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77898782

What is the lord of the good tree to you?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77898782

the lord of the good tree reminds me of people that i know reminding me of the lord that they know that i do know constantly cos he died remembering me legally and they say he is the measurement they utilize when measuring me
the thing is
i am the one that lord talked to
not them

feels similar
 Quoting: aether

This is Eucharist. I was going to write it on my thread but I will write it here.
The trees connection changes perception of the conflicting mind because of the lifestyle of earth of no energy in matter other than received from the environment and the pain of taking a life to survive. And the plant kingdoms worry is man would take all that nature created. The nightmare became not destruction but wanton destruction and no reverence. The animals and birds could escape this fateful disease but the trees and plants were left vulnerable. Hence, the barren landscapes that need restoration.

The Eucharist origins means when something goes extinct, their loss diminishes the fire that burns within us all. The whole of all cannot be healthy when part is hurt. Golden age probs

When something dies. It is consumed by us or earth or whatever, it moves within and becomes always a part of what consumed it. That is it’s honor. It is the element of fire and spark of life. Condition is something humans cannot measure but can feel inside. The connection to the most microscopic organisms is something one can never deny. Each state depends on the health of another’s state. The ‘rabbit’ giving up its life becomes a part of another, a food, and would run with forever. It’s just the natural law as one day the consumer will lay down and return their fire of flesh to the earth.

Firstly, the two in context of you taking one with you is knowing the difference between caretaker and healer because going in that makes all the difference and lord of vegetation knows the perfect balance in healer condition and why Babylonians believed in the creation dome structure. Because domes is aerial view down. Older trees are in center with younger and progressively younger moving out to the edges of the dome and this shape creates a buffer from the wind. The whole forest works together to disperse heavy winds.
Restoration is a part of humans connection to the plant kingdom because eventually the integrity of the complete entity is disrupted. Two leggeds forget this. It only needs one, if known.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77898782

The mountain of creation told in many cultures speaks of one mountain. But when there is two the wind travels through.
Rod of Aaron is one caduceus is two

The Hagia of Sophia came up yesterday evening offline and recall the dome shape float effect that affects the minds of those within that Sumerians and Babylonians know well.
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