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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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[link to www.nationalgeographic.com (secure)]

There Is Such a Thing as Plant Intelligence
Plants are capable of solving problems and learning from past experiences.

When Paleolithic painters decorated the walls of the caves at Chauvet, in France, they chose stunning motifs of horses and other animals. For them, as for most of us, plants were just there in the background, vegetating away. Sure, a daisy can be cute, a redwood impressive. But compared to a cheetah or an elephant, most plants are, well, boring.

What can plants do that cheetahs can’t? They can regenerate when 90 percent of their bodies have been eaten away. They can have sex at long distances and communicate with approximately 20 more senses than an animal has. Those are very pragmatic arguments. But I think they’re valuable just because they’re there. We tend to judge plants not as autonomous organisms but in terms of what they can do for us. But they’re astonishing in their own right and deserve to be given the same ethical status as animals.

What the new botany is suggesting is that plants are sensitive and problem-solving but bypass the need for self-consciousness and brain activity that we assume is necessary for intelligence. People who think this are often accused of being anthropocentric, believing that plants are behaving like humans.

The philosopher Daniel Dennett marvelously riposted that critics of this theory are "cerebrocentric," believing intelligent behavior is not possible without the infinitely superior human brain. What the new work shows is that plants, by means we do not yet fully understand, are capable of behaving like intelligent beings. They are capable of storing—and learning from—memories of what happens to them.

Skull of man is getting it
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77898782

There are nutrients for both healthy mind and body, which by the way was never taught at school!! …. You should already know the reason for this ignorance!!

Symbiotic states can be reached with certain plants, vines,cacti,fungi and the human mind. The conscious awareness of the human mind can be expanded.
 Quoting: CUB4DK

It is the origins of nothing ever being forgotten.
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