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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Why is it called Death Valley? Death Valley was given its forbidding name by a group of pioneers lost here in the winter of 1849-1850. ... As the party climbed out of the valley over the Panamint Mountains, one of the men turned, looked back, and said "goodbye, Death Valley."
 Quoting: history

Reminds of Orpheus looking back in underworld similar to pillar of salt for looking backwards.

I’ve been reminded of the Now, indigenous say how we look in the past within present and how the Now is not the present but they way to see past present and future all at once without having the consequences of looking in one direction not meant to look in. Because one direction only perspective changes everything with bias not knowing everything in that moment. So always wrong decision and why oracles can not speak plainly.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77931950

Quartz within sacred site came up today as the DNA of time. Record keeping on foundations. Giving spiritual mankind awareness to time travel. This is the Orpheus connection. There is a CERN connection also.
 Quoting: Ricky M

Reminds of standing rocks and speeches. Quartz in suspended state experiences 5th direction dimension easily. It doesn’t have eyes like Orpheus lol

He’s on it
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