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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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“The papyrus column contains overt religious references the closed papyrus buds shows how nature slept before the rising and after the setting of the sun. fully open papyrus buds was for when the sun God was overhead his beams were productive of life and energy. Smooth columns were not incorporated in architectural practice and was said the principle that a column is not primarily intended to be a decorative Object but a surface on which to engrave the praises of the king in the gods so it shows that it’s after the construction. The Egyptian architects wanted to erect the tallest brightest most solid structures the world would ever see. the monuments of the Nile Valley were projected as symbols of triumphant power no considerations of prettiness were permitted to obscure that object. the spectator is compelled to except their handiwork for what it is. their monument stand foursquare. they literally dwarf criticism. they are marks inflicted on nature by a race of giants on a scale of stupendous entities brought into existence by nature herself. “- manchip white

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