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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Everything has gone exactly the way we've planned.
So, you planned on not having the girl divulge the information we need to actually use the portals.
The girl doesn't even know she has the information we seek.
You must be patient while we extract it.
I'm 175 years old, Odessa.
Why on Earth would you expect me to practice patience now? We have the girl(Jax), and with the telepaths in place on board the Nexus, we'll soon have control over the entire datastream.
Not to mention, your two scheming and ungrateful daughters who conspired to kill you, are now under lock and key as well.
I'd say by any measure, that's a pretty good day.
You don't worry enough, Odessa.
And you worry too much.

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Will you just listen to me? You should not have given Jax that key! The girl has been a pawn long enough.
It was time for her to discover who and what she truly is.
With her in your debt for you showing her the way? No.
Listen I think it's time for me to leave Earth behind.
We should return home to Zatar.

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When data stream is chemical energy Eucharist is clever tesla would say. Lol
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