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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Coming Into Existence
Post Content
Rapport is found far greater in mind alterations than statistics because of the connection brings trust and mutual understanding and likability. It is closer to visceral into subconscious than the logical mind conscious of experience past.

Miscommunication is catastrophic among surface life.
It is always a red flag when someone tells you what they are. As they are building themselves up as something they are not. That is the mask of deceit.

In the 1940s, the movement on brain functions and electronic frequencies became self religion in order to improve the self intelligence in many capacities including psychic abilities. It’s methods became quick and seemingly successful. Yet not as powerful as the wilderness philosophy that required more dirt time.

Brain initiative

 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

It's only going to get worse as we enter the 20s lol
 Quoting: Ricky M

I’ve been on glp for all of the 10s.
We will see lol
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