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Poster Handle Coming Into Existence
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Wuhan Central Hospital confirms Li’s condition to rebut earlier reports that he had died...The hospital’s statement came amid conflicting reports about whether Li, 34, had died, with some outlets saying that the doctor’s heart had stopped beating and had been given treatment with ECMO (extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation). “The reprimand of Doctor Li will be a shame in China’s anti-epidemic history. Doctor Li alerted the public at the expense of his life. Wuhan police station still hasn’t recalled that reprimand notice even after his death,” another Weibo user wrote.
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 Quoting: Ricky M


It's official. Hospital says Li died at 2:58 am. Extremely sad news.

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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78400826

Wuhan Gets Its First Virus Martyr..The coronavirus has killed an early whistleblower. The question now is whether Beijing celebrates his sacrifice—or buries his story. Li was confirmed to have the virus on Feb. 1. At just 34 years old, Li is one of the youngest known victims of the coronavirus. He is not the first medical worker to die, which was the 62-year-old Liang Wudong, and he will not be the last. There are estimates that over 500 health care workers are already infected. It may be that official media is struggling to find a line to tell his story. While the whistleblowers have won applause from a central government eager to blame the local authorities for the failure, spreading news of his death is clearly much riskier, especially as Beijing cracks down on journalists, doctors, and ordinary citizens speaking out. But Li’s death is not just because of the coronavirus. As the Confucian philosopher Mencius asked, “Is there any difference between killing a man with a stick and with a sword? … Is there any difference between doing it with a sword and with governmental measures?” The cover-up of the potential epidemic that Li and the others attempted to raise the alert on helped kill him—just as surely as it has helped condemn, so far, hundreds of others to death.
[link to foreignpolicy.com (secure)]

RIP Li Wenliang
 Quoting: Ricky M

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