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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Ricky M
Post Content
The depictions i can see when turtle shapeshifting to spider became glass in plasma skies.
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

ants are coming up lol
 Quoting: Ricky M

It’s connected. Ant people and sky beings

[link to vocal.media (secure)]

In Hopi legend, the Three Sisters were gifts from "Spider Woman," who also taught them how to farm. She also taught them how to weave and make pottery. The Hopi believe that we have just entered the Fifth World. When evil came into the Third World, it was she who brought them to the Fourth World. The Hopi agreed to be caretakers in exchange to live there. In every aspect of life, maintaining a balance between nature & people is the Hopi Way. Their ceremonial celebrations of this balance help ensure their way of life goes on.

The creation mythology that spans the different cultures in the world all have almost the same beginnings: Life was created from Earth. I find it fascinating that so many different religions, one not having been physically close in proximity to the other, has the same story.

In Hopi Mythology, "Spider Woman," who ruled the Underworld, and her consort, Tawa, the Sun God who ruled the sky, used their thoughts to create Earth. Then "Spider Woman" molded animals and humans from clay, spread a blanket that she wove over her creations, and she & Tawa sang them to life.

Over time, some people forgot what they were here for. They forgot they made a promise. They forgot about "Spider Woman" and Tawa. People began to divide between languages, races, and different lands. Some humans forgot how to feel at one with each other and the animals. Animals sensed the disconnect and began to run from humans. Only some people remembered how to stay connected, and those people didn't run from one another.

As a myth can go on, during the First World, Tawa had made insect-like beings that resided underground. But he grew so unhappy with the First World, he decided to destroy it. He sent out a call that only those who still remembered their promise could hear. They began to travel from all over the world following it. Even some people who couldn't hear it, believed them and traveled with them anyway.

When they were all together, near the Ant People's home, Tawa told them of his plan.

They asked: "How will we survive underground for so long? Surely it would take time for another world to be ready for us!"

Tawa told them: "Learn from the Ant People! You will survive my destruction, and I will create a Second World! When I have it ready for you to live in, I will come get you!"

More in link
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

Pangolin food...lol

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