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Message Subject Technology of Craftsmanship
Poster Handle Coming Into Existence
Post Content

Is it love of personality(selfless) or love of ability(selfish)
The thing is, talent is part of personality some never understand. Lack of understanding is ego perception.
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

The angels say without trust and without truth there is nothing to bind together.

Some love like a tree loves an axe, giving and taking.

The plots of man don’t understand why they do what they do if felt against their plots becoming a piece of the game they play that they don’t understand. Man says don’t I understand exposing their deeds is the tree of knowledge. Killing fear because fear was kind and firstborn is man’s greatest sin as second borns. Showing Mara had everything. Everything they wanted. People loved her. And she was kind. Her father loved her because she was first. The game of chance called to man beckoning him to escape. To live within the halls for Mara, to never feel hunger, fear, or need for nothing.

Angels way of explanation is vital to all
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

Generous is focal point of flag. Red is if not generous with other in all aspects.
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

Nothing new within modern man structure, feeding in the fear they illicit. Building the egregore to kill it and eat it or have sex with it. Ouroborus eating themselves. Sacrificing their own children is as prominent today as it was when altars where enlivened.
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