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Now that I don't have to double talk anymore

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11/27/2019 10:16 AM

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Now that I don't have to double talk anymore
I have insurance and a gameplan. The old game is done now and over. I tried too hard too late. My terms my dice, my house.

I'll be on the level from here on out. 100% (minus any security stuff obv.)

But it's on like donkey kong. Towards the end of december I may even pop out of my shell to make a few friends who knows.

I'm a bit skurred but this has got to happen to get the 3 or 4 balls rolling.

We all know Chip loves them balls. I may have a Chip fanclub by the end of the year. A1 sauce + balls entry fee.

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Hello. I'm a Taoist. The Tao (some would say it's impossible to know but I've learned it) is the ebb and flow of All. That's it. It's everything and it's nothing (in time.)

I'm therefor a Life Taoist "Lifeist." It's the Tao mixed with a Grey Jedism Tradition to also give a bit of morality to everything.