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Symptoms of the Kali Yuga

The Albuquerque Statesman

User ID: 7833467
United States
12/15/2021 08:54 PM
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Re: Symptoms of the Kali Yuga
No matter the source, we have to attack every point on that list.

Make all those activities extremely painful to pursue.
230 here, but 0 there.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 81892356
United States
01/31/2023 10:39 AM
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Re: Symptoms of the Kali Yuga
Now you will think the Vedas are all powerful and we should all become Hindu and go practice all manner of new-ageism that is packaged for westerners as "Mystical Ancient Hinduism"
 Quoting: The_Meridian

The ancient Sanskrit texts do not equal Hindusim. Hindusim is loosely based on them, buy you're conflating the two.

At the same time, no one is asking you to think one way or the other. No one is knocking on your door, or threatening violence against you for your beliefs.

There also isn't anything "New Age" about this. The ancient Greeks, the Norse, the Hopi, etc. all recognized the cycle of the ages, along with the Vedic culture.

Another strange phenomenon of the Kali Yuga is the externalization of faith to such an extreme that people became obsessed and crazed with their individual belief systems. For 1000s of years now human beings have, in the name of their various interpretations of God, inflicted endless stupid destructive wars on each other – mass murder, torture, theft, and slavery all in the name of God!

When you realize that God is within each and every man woman & child, the idea of forcing any religion upon another is the height of absurdity!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78198515

this dude taught same abduct