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Message Subject CIA Document Declassified by Trump in 2017 shows Hitler alive and well in Columbia circa 1954
Poster Handle Educated Redneck
Post Content
It's certainly possible that Hitler could have escaped and left one of his doubles in the bunker.

Many higher up officials successfully made it to Argentina so there was obviously a plan and escape route.
 Quoting: Regal Beast

It has already been pointed out that those high ranking Nazis who made it to Argentina arrived 4-5 years after the war after hiding out and obtaining false papers. There was no escape plan because Germany was surrounded.

Hitler was very sick by the end of the war. He was not a healthy man. One film clip shows he had tremors in one hand so he had some kind of neurological issue and possibly even a drug addiction. The Nazis were on meth basically.
 Quoting: Regal Beast

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